German SdKfz 9 FAMO 18 Tonne Halftrack


German SdKfz 9 FAMO 18 Tonne Halftrack
German SdKfz 9 FAMO 18 Tonne Halftrack
German SdKfz 9 FAMO 18 Tonne Halftrack£149.99

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The SdKfz 9 (also known as the "Famo") was a German Half track that saw widespread use during the Second World War and was the heaviest half-track vehicle of any type built in quantity in Nazi Germany during the war years. Its main roles were as a prime Mover for very heavy towed guns such as the 17 cm Kanone 18, as a tank recovery vehicle, mobile crane and also the towing vehicle for the Sd.Ah 116 low-loader tank transporter trailer to recover disabled vehicles.


Approximately 2,500 were produced between 1938 and 1945.


The upper body had a crew compartment common to all versions. This had bench seats, one for the driver and his assistant, and another for the crew. The rear portion of the upper body was adapted for the vehicle's intended role. The artillery model had two extra bench seats for the gun's crew and space for its ammunition. The cargo version had just two storage compartments mounted in the front of the cargo compartment, one on each side, that opened to the outside. The windshield could fold forward and was also removable. A convertible canvas top was mounted at the upper part of the rear body. It fastened to the windshield when erected.


The Sd.Kfz. 9 was designed to have a towing capacity of 28 tonnes. This was adequate for medium tanks like the Panzer III and Panzer IV, but two or even three or four were necessary for heavier vehicles like the Tiger I, Panther or King Tiger.

The model has been built with plenty of resin stowage and resin removable folded soft-top cab, airbrushed and lightly weathered to an exceptional standard to represent a vehicle serving with StuG Brigade 237. The model also comes with an extremely well built and painted crew figure.

Please note the diorama base shown in the photos is for illustrative purposes only & is not included.




Tamiya with Kraut Kits Soft-Top Cab cover

Material Plastic with resin stowage and Cab cover
Special Features ECrew Figure
Scale 1/35
Length 25 cms
Width 8 cms
Height 8 cms
Price £149.99 including Postage and packing
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