Soviet Object 704 Prototype Heavy Tank Destroyer




Soviet Object 704 Prototype Heavy Tank Destroyer
Soviet Object 704 Prototype Heavy Tank Destroyer
Soviet Object 704 Prototype Heavy Tank Destroyer£149.99

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Object 704 (Объект 704) was a variant of the successful JSU-152 Heavy self-propelled Gun.

The JSU-152 was a Soviet heavy Self Propelled Gun used during the Secomd World War which combined three battle roles, that of heavy assault gun, heavy tank destroyer and heavy self propelled artillery. The JSU-152's 152.4 mm gun was able to use a number of different ammunition including a 43.56 kg high-explosive shell, a 48.78 kg armour-piercing shell, or the heaviest of all, the 53-G-545 (53-Г-545) long range concrete-piercing ammunition weighing 56 kg.

The JSU-152 was used for infantry and tank support, attack on fortified positions in a direct fire role, for support on the battlefield in an indirect fire role, and against tanks with a direct fire.

The JSU-152 inherited the mantle “beast killer” from its predecessor, the SU-152, for its rare ability to reliably kill the best protected German fighting vehicles; the Panther, Tiger and KingTiger tanks and the Elefant and Jagdtiger tank destroyers. The blast from the JSU-152s 152.4 mm heavy high-explosive warhead was capable of blowing the turret completely off a Tiger tank.

Object 704 had thicker, sloped armour and was the best protected of all Soviet Self Propelled Guns of the second world war.

However, the radical incline of the superstructure walls combined with the increased recoil of the gun, due to the lack of a muzzle brake, significantly complicated the work of the crew, and for these reasons the design was not put into production with only one prototype being produced.

The model has been built, airbrushed and weathered to an excellent standard.


The diorama base is for display purposes only & is not included in this sale.




Manufacturer Trumpeter with Cromwell Models Resin Conversion
Materials Plastic & Resin
Special Features None
Scale 1/35
Length 26 cms
Width 10 cms
Height 7 cms
Price £149.99 including postage & packing
  (overseas customers may incur customs charges)


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