US M26 Pershing Heavy Tank


M26 Pershing Heavy Tank
M26 Pershing Heavy Tank
M26 Pershing Heavy Tank£149.99

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The M26A1 Pershing was the first operational heavy tank used by the US Army. It was designated a heavy tank when it was designed in WWII due to it's 90mm gun which was at the time the largest calibre gun found on an American tank.

Intended as an improvement of the M4 Sherman, the prolonged time of development meant that only a small number saw combat in the European theatre.

In combat it was, unlike the M4 Sherman, fairly equal in firepower and protection to both the Tiger I and Panther tanks, but was underpowered and mechanically unreliable. This became even more evident in the Korean War, where the M26, while a match for the T-34/85, had severe problems with the hilly terrain and was withdrawn in 1951 in favour of its improved derivative the M46 Patton, which had a more powerful and reliable engine.

The model has been built airbrushed and heavily weathered with resin stowage and two crew figures to represent a vehicle serving with B Company of the 1st Tank Battalion USMC in Inchon Korea during the winter of 1950 / 51.


Please note the diorama base shown in the photos is for illustrative purposes only & is not included.



Manufacturer Tamiya
Material Plastic with resin stowage
Special Features Two crew figures
Scale 1/35
Length 23 cms
Width 9.5 cms
Height 9 cms
Price £149.99 including postage & packing
  (overseas customers may incur customs charges)


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