If you are new to the world of scale models or just want to know a bit more about what we are selling this page is for you.


Types of built model explained


  • Kit Built Most of our models have been built from a kit produced by one of the many manufacturers. Arguably most well known are Tamiya and Dragon, but there are many more that you will find on our site including Bronco, Meng, Italeri, Accurate Armour, Masterbox, Zvesda, Academy, Easter Express, Monogram, Revell, Airfix, Hasegawa, Aoshima, Fujumi, Skywave etc.

Many of the kit built models we sell will have been enhanced for example by the addition of specific paint schemes, decals, stowage or figures. 


  • Scratch Built Occasionally we sell models that have been built from scratch ie not from a kit - these are one-off items.


  • Composite Composite models are models that have been built by combining sections from two or more kits, or are part kit and part scratch built.


Both scratch built and composite techniques enable the model builder greater flexibility and creativity to produce variants that may not be available in kit form.



Materials used to build our models


Most of the models for sale on our site are made of plastic, but we also sell models built in other mediums including resin and metal. Occasionally models will be constructed from more than one type of material eg a plastic model with a metal gun-barrel.  

Some of our models are enhanced with photo-etch or PE parts these are parts made of very thin metal.



More about Scales


Our models are built to scale which means they are much smaller in size yet retain the same proportions as the original item. There are numerous different scales but most of the models on our site fall into one of the following categories:


1:35 scale this is by far the most collected scale for model tanks and other military vehicles. It indicates the model is 35 times smaller than the original item. As with all scales it can be written with either a colon or slash between the numbers ie 1:35 or 1/35. 


1:32  1:48 & 1:72  popular scales for model aircraft.


1:72  1:350  1:400  1:600 & 1:700 popular scales for model ships.



Finishing Touches


  • Additional Details Our models are often enhanced by the addition of extra details this may include figures, stowage, camouflage netting, paint schemes, battle damage etc . 


  • Decals Frequently our models are finished with decals. This provides added interest to the collector as the model is decorated with the insignia from a particular unit, division or squadron. As a result some of our models carry symbols which are emotive and can be upsetting including the swastika. Our intention in using any decals is solely to provide a historically accurate model and not in anyway to glorify or endorse these symbols or the regimes behind them.


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